Internet Questions: 20-4




  1. Answer the following questions about the Dispute Settlement Process at the World Trade Organization. Begin by reading this information at the WTO website.

    1. What causes the dispute settlement board to consider a trade dispute?
    2. Describe the first stage of the dispute settlement process?
    3. Explain the task of the panel created in the second stage of the process.
    4. How are the panellists chosen? Do they represent their respective governments?
    5. How does the GATT dispute settlement process used prior to the establishment of the WTO in 1995 compare with the WTO process?
    6. Approximately how long is it between the establishment of a dispute panel and the adoption of the panel report by the Dispute Settlement Board?
    7. How is a panel report rejected by the Dispute Settlement Board?
    8. What is a country, that has lost a dispute at the WTO, supposed to do to comply with the ruling?
    9. What happens if a losing country in a dispute refuses to comply with a panel ruling?

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