Internet Questions: 20-3




DIRECTIONS: This section asks questions whose answers can be found at websites on the internet.

  • Go to the web site for the US International Trade Commission to find answers to the following questions.
    1. Define the USITC's functions. Is USITC authorized to negotiate trade agreements?
    2. Name the USITC's Commissioners. How many Comissioners does the USITC usually have?
    3. Name the other US government agency that works with the USITC on countervailing and antidumping duty cases? What are the differences between the USITC's and the other agency's responsibilities?
    4. What is the "escape clause"?
    5. What is a "sunset provision"? When was it adopted? What impact does it have on the USITC?
    6. Name the key legislative statutes that concern the USITC.

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