Jeopardy Answers - Chapter 40




DIRECTIONS: As in the popular TV game show, you are given an answer to a question and you must respond with the question. For example, if the answer is, "a tax on imports", then the correct question is, "What is a tariff?"
  1. The author who wrote the earliest known passage explaining the principle of comparative advantage.
  2. Term describing the amount of labor needed to produce one unit of cloth.
  3. Term describing the amount of tomatoes produced per worker.
  4. Term describing the amount of potatoes that must be given up to produce another unit of tomatoes.
  5. When France can produce wine at a lower opportunity cost than Germany.
  6. Term used to describe the amount of wine that a worker can buy with an hour's worth of work.
  7. Two distinct ways of measuring technology differences between countries.
  8. Term used to describe an increase in output despite no change in the quantities of inputs.
  9. The Ricardian model's assumption about unemployment.
  10. A line depicting all combinations of output that are possible with full employment of resources.

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