GLOBE International Trade Theory & Policy
by Steven M. Suranovic Chapter 120
Evaluating the Controversy Between Free Trade and Protectionism




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Table of Contents

120-1 Introduction
120-2 Economic Efficiency Effects from Free Trade
120-3 Free Trade and the Distribution of Income
120-4 The Case for Selected Protection
120-5 The Economic Case Against Selected Protection
  120-5a The Potential for Retaliation
  120-5b The Theory of the 2nd-Best
  120-5c Information Deficiencies
  120-5d Political Economy Issues: The Problem with Democratic Processes
120-6 Free Trade as the "Pragmatically Optimal" Policy Choice

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Problem Sets
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LEVEL 2: Basic Intermediate
LEVEL 3: Advanced Intermediate


Jeopardy 120-1

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