GLOBE International Finance Theory & Policy Analysis

by Steven M. Suranovic




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The Whole Truth about Trade Imbalances

International Finance:
Master Table of Contents

Begin Here. This page contains a complete list of pages currently available. It includes much of what would be found in a standard international trade textbook, but, it contains much more as well. Please browse around. The complete chapters are available in PDF form at the Download Center

International Finance:
Problem Sets

Selected problems that I have used in my classes are provided here. They are arranged according to topic.


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Current Exchange Rates

About the Author

Hi. I'm Steve Suranovic, an Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs at The G eorge Washington University in Washington D.C. I teach international economics to undergraduate and graduate students at GW and at the Cornell University in Washington program.

About the Site

I have designed this site to make information about international economics accessible for anyone who is interested. I have long believed that economic principles and ideas can be easily grasped by most people. To teach these principles effectively, how ever, does not mean thowing away the difficult economic models or theories. Instead one must clearly present the reasons why economists use the tools that they do (models, graphs, equations etc.) and be forthright about their limitations. I have tried to do this for my students, with some success. This site contains many of these lessons. I hope you will find them useful and effective.

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