International Trade: Problem Sets




This is a complete table of contents for problem sets or exercises associated with each chapter's material.

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Chapter 5 - Introductory Issues

Chapter 10 - Trade Policy Tools

Chapter 20 - Trade History and Trade Law

Chapter 30 - A Pure Exchange Model of Trade

Chapter 40 - The Ricardian Model of Comparative Advantage

Chapter 60 - The Heckscher-Ohlin (Factor Proportions) Model

Chapter 70 - Factor Mobility and Trade

Chapter 80 - Economies of Scale and International Trade

Chapter 90 - Trade Policy Effects with
                            Perfectly Competitive Markets

Chapter 95 - Domestic Policy Effects on International Trade

Chapter 100 - Trade Policies with
                              Market Imperfections and Distortions

Chapter 110 - Other Topics and Issues

Chapter 120 - Evaluating the Controversy Between
                              Free Trade and Protectionism

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