Jeopardy Answers 40-1




DIRECTIONS: As in the popular TV game show, you are given an answer to a question and you must respond with the question. For example, if the answer is, "the value of goods and services sold to foreigners", then the correct question is, "What are exports?"
  1. term for the money supply measure that contains only the most liquid assets.
  2. another name for checking account deposits in banks.
  3. these two money supply measures include time deposits.
  4. another common name for time deposits.
  5. the US FED group in charge of control of the US money supply.
  6. the current Chaiman of the US FED Board of Governors
  7. term used to describe FED transactions for US treasury bonds.
  8. rule requiring that a fraction of a bank's deposits be held as a reserves.
  9. the interest rate typically targeted by the US FED.
  10. this type of money demand depends upon average interest rates.

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