International Finance Theory and Policy Analysis

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Course Overview

Chapter 5 - National Income and the Balance of Payments Accounts

The National Income and Product Accounts
The National Income or Product Identity
The Role of Imports in the National Income Identity
The US National Income Statistics
The Balance of Payments Accounts: Definitions
Recording Transactions on the Balance of Payments
US Balance of Payments Statistics - 1997
US Balances on the Balance of Payments - 1997

Chapter 6 - The Whole Truth about Trade Imbalances

An Overview
The National Welfare Effects of Trade Imbalances
Some Further Complications
Are Trade Imbalances Good or Bad?: Summary Results

Chapter 10 - Foreign Exchange Markets

The Foreign Exchange Market - Definitions
Participants in the FOREX
Investment Concerns - International or Domestic
Calculating Rate of Returns on International Investments
Interpretation of the Rate of Return Formula

Chapter 20 - Interest Rate Parity

The Interest Rate Parity Condition
Numerical Examples Using the Rate of Return Formula
Asset Approach to Exchange Rate Determination
The Effect of Changes in US Interest Rates on the Spot Exchange Rate
The Effect of Changes in German Interest Rates on the Spot Exchange Rate
The Effect of Changes in the Expected Exchange Rate on the Spot Exchange Rate

Chapter 30 - Purchasing Power Parity

Introduction to Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) and PPP
PPP as a Theory of Exchange Rate Determination
Problems and Extensions of PPP


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