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The International Trade and Finance texts (that used to be located here) are now being served and supported by Flat World Knowledge. Flat World offers textbooks that are free online, affordable offline, open-licensed and customizable by adopters. It is the newest innovation in textbook publishing that will solve the problem of soaring textbook prices while offering remarkable flexibility for instructors. The approach benefits teachers and students alike.

Steve Suranovic's Blog

Written by Steve Suranovic, an Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs and former Director of the MA Program in International Trade & Investment Policy at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

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Speaker Availability

Steve Suranovic is available for speaking engagements on globalization issues and public policy choice. Potential lecture topics are:

  • Oil Addiction and Climate Change Policies
  • The Role of Greed in Capitalism
  • Frictions with China in the World Economy
  • The Case for Free Trade and Free Markets

Contact him directly at for further information.



A Moderate Compromise: Economic Policy Choice in an Era of Globalization - by Steve Suranovic (Palgrave McMillan, 2010)
This book defines a moderate set of economic policies that straddles the political divide between liberalism and conservatism. It offers an approach to globalization policy choice that applies three simple principles to determine actions and argues that these principles are consistent with people's fundamental concerns across the ideological spectrum. The book motivates the need for this mechanism by arguing that traditional policy choice methods (e.g. cost benefit analysis et. al.) are more likely to spark divisiveness than to result in a large consensus of support.


GW - Elliott School of Intl. Affairs,
Master's Program in International Trade & Investment Policy

The Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University offers a two-year master's program in International Trade and Investment Policy (ITIP). The program core focuses on international economics, politics and history; quantitative methods; and foreign language. Specializations include international economic policy analysis, international business and economic development.

GW's Institute of International Economic Policy

The Institute of International Economic Policy (IIEP) serves as a catalyst for high quality, multi-disciplinary, non-partisan research on policy issues related to economic globalization. The Institute research program develops academic analysis and effective policy options at a time of growing controversy about international economic integration around the world.